Dating rules: when to pay for a date


One night, I was home watching TV when I got a text from this cute guy in my ward. His text simply said, “Wanna go see a movie?”

Excited by the prospect of spending the evening with him, I quickly responded “yes.”

He—we’ll call him Steve—came and picked me , and promptly told me that he had meant to send the message to his friend, but since I responded first, I was the lucky one who got to go see the movie. (Let me pause to tell you that we went and saw “Twilight”—his choice. That should have been my first indication that something was seriously wrong.)

I decided to brush off that comment and just enjoy the movie. When we got to the theater, and I realized that in my excited haste to get ready, I had forgotten to grab my purse.

Steve realized this too and turned to me and asked, “So, do I have to pay for you?”

Embarrassed, I answered, “Yeah, sorry. I’ll totally pay you back though.”

Officially bugged by Steve at this point, I sulked through the movie. Watching Bella and Edward on screen only made my bad mood worse.

The drive home was quiet and awkward. We pulled to my house, and as I turned to get out of the car Steve said, “Hey tonight was fun.  Next time you should pay.”

I stared at him in disbelief and sarcastically replied, “Sure, OK,” and slammed the door as I got out.

Men, don’t expect the girl to pay or at least don’t make her feel guilty about making you pay. Women, don’t expect the man to pay every single time. Better communication will save both parties a lot of trouble.

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