The Design and Construction Management Society is a society presided over by four students: Kamila Rhoades, John Balasbas, Cooper Wilson and Sharlee San Diego.

The presidency explains that the society is open to all students.

“We are a family,” Diego said.

The society allows students to make new and lasting relationships.

“You see (members of society) all the time,” said Wilson. You have fun together, you work hard together. And then we all go off on our separate ways, but we stay connected still.”

DCMS member leading group discussion

DCMS member leading group discussion. Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

Students can expect to split into four different groups upon joining the society.

“The four groups are marketing, mentorship, employee relations and activities,” Balasbas said.

These groups are designed to expose students to different business processes and prepare them for life post-graduation.

“Every semester we have around 40 to 50 companies that come just to recruit for internships and for the major, you need two internships, which is higher than a lot of other majors,“ Wilson said. “In DCMS, you can interact with so many more companies, it’s just awesome.”

The DCMS is preparing for a career fair on Feb. 22, featuring 30-40 companies related to the DCMS majors.

Projects featured in Austin building

Projects featured in Austin building. Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

In addition to the job opportunities DCMS provides, they also focus on the skills needed to excel as a future professional.

“We’re not just building a career, we’re building people, and when you’re in a program like us, it opens a whole different door,” Balasbas said.

“I love building anything,” Rhoades said. You build people’s confidence, you build people’s careers, you build buildings, and that’s what I love, you’re constantly building. There’s nothing that’s tearing down, you’re always improving and that’s what I like.”

Balasbas explains his reason for joining the DCMS.

“I wasn’t really active in the society until there was a particular member that made me want to go and they kept inviting me to attend and made me more active in the society,” Balasbas said.

DCMS members planning for future events

DCMS members planning for future events. Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

It all started with an invite, and DCMS society is inviting all to consider participating in their society.

Many students involved in the society are interested in business. Students work to build a network of individuals in their interests.

They meet on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. in the Mark Austin Building room 221.