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In 2001, President Henry B. Eyring gave the talk “A Steady, Upward Course” as part of a BYU-Idaho devotional. This Tuesday, his son and BYU-I President, Henry J. Eyring, added his testimony of his father’s words.

“Things [President Henry B. Eyring] said, in the spirit of prophecy, have proven invaluable to generations of BYU-Idaho students and employees,” said President Henry J. Eyring.

Days before President Henry B. Eyring gave the message, the horrific terror attacks of Sept. 11 hit several locations in the United States, presenting forever a change in the hearts of humanity.

“We live in a time of increasing difficulty and change. Many of us have felt some things that led us to the scriptures,” President Henry B. Eyring said. “In the last few days, I have found things I had never seen there before because, in my extremity, the Lord showed me things that He had prepared long ago to help me.”

While at the time, change was all around the world because of the terror attacks, BYU-I was also adjusting to the transition from junior college status to a revolutionary four-year university. While the change came as a shock to many, President Henry B. Eyring prophesied of what those changes will bring.

President Henry J. Eyring gave five types of effort required by the BYU-I campus community to qualify for his father’s prophesy of becoming “legendary for their capacity to build people around them and to add value wherever they serve.”

  • Centering on the Savior
  • Focusing on the unchangeable
  • Praying for the guidance of the Holy Ghost
  • Teaching and nurturing
  • Treating everything as the Lords

President Henry J. Eyring said his father’s talk, “A Steady, Upward Course,” “can apply to you and me as much as it did to the fortunate BYU-Idaho students and employees who saw and heard it in person.”

Kelly Eyring, President Henry J. Eyring’s wife, also shared a message about becoming leaders by caring for others.

“I hope this semester you will look to serve your roommates and classmates. This kind of caring is the key to becoming great leaders,” Kelly Eyring said. “We will all be blessed with the ability to lead like the Savior if we are humble and try to follow him.”

President Henry J. Eyring encouraged all to read the talk his father gave in 2001.

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