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Devotional cover: Called to serve

After being serenaded by a vocal quartet who performed “I’ll Walk With God,” Curtis Henrie, the director of Online Research and Evaluation, gave his devotional address on Tuesday, September 20, in the BYU-Idaho Center, which focused on church callings.

Henrie began his address by referring to President Henry B. Eyring’s conference talk in October 2002 named “Rise to Your Call.”

“A call to service (is) primarily a matter of the heart,” President Eyring said. “It is by giving our whole hearts to the Master and keeping His commandments that we come to know Him.”

Henrie explained that we will be blessed in different ways when we do what Heavenly Father asks of us. Henrie elaborated upon the origins of what a ward means and explained that wards are meant to be a place of refuge and can only be successful when all participate.

Henrie encouraged BYU-I students to be involved in their ward meetings this semester and find ways to minister to their neighbors. He also reminded students that they can bless others by sharing their talents.

“Accepting the call to serve will change our lives as well as yours,” Henrie said. “The Lord honors the dedication of all who serve in His Church.”

Henrie reminded BYU-I students of the concepts taught in the General Handbook.

According to the General Handbook, “A calling should not place undue burdens on individuals and families, nor should callings make it difficult for members to fulfill their employment responsibilities.”

Henrie continued by asking BYU-I students to counsel with the Lord when they are unsure about their church callings.

“There can be real limits to our ability to serve well in a specific calling,” Henrie said. “If we are unsure about our ability to serve, it helps to counsel with the Lord. He knows us and our situations better than we know ourselves.”

Henrie closed his message by quoting President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

“You may feel that there are others who are more capable … who could fulfill your callings and assignments better than you can, but the Lord gave you your responsibilities for a reason,” President Uchtdorf said. “There may be people and hearts only you can reach.”


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