In her devotional address, Taunya Hansen spoke about the light of Christ and gave 3 suggestions on ways to better seek and receive His light.

On July 27, Taunya Hansen, an accounts payable specialist for the BYU-Idaho Accounting Office, gave her devotional address, “Seek the Light.”

Hansen explained that every person is born with the light of Christ which helps them differentiate right from wrong and influences them to do good.

“The Light of Christ influences people for good, and to do good which thereby prepares them to receive the Holy Ghost,” Hansen said. “Our manifestation of the Light of Christ is what we call a conscience, which enables us to judge good from evil.”

Hansen encouraged students to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ to allow His light to grow within them and overcome darkness.

“How many times in life do we feel that we are walking down a dark path waiting for light,” Hansen asked. “Or do we feel that there is no light, and the darkness has surrounded us? Just as sunlight bathes the earth to renew and sustain light, you can daily brighten the light within you when you choose to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Hansen’s world darkened after her first husband, Scott, passed away in a tragic accident. However, during this difficult time, she found refuge and light in Jesus Christ. She trusted in the promise of eternal families after been sealed together less than two years before the accident.

“I learned I was never truly alone, that my Savior had been with me during those dark hours,” Hansen said. “I learned the power of prayer, the power of priesthood blessings, the power of repentance and the power of the atonement. I had to grow my testimony on faith, endurance and hope. My testimony of Eternal Families is my light; my use of the atonement, is my light; my covenants are my enduring light through my darkest times.”

Hansen suggested three different ways to seek and receive a greater abundance of light: truth, obedience and prayer.

1. Truth

Hansen stressed the importance of the Holy Ghost when searching for truth.

“Through the gift of the Holy Ghost, we can have access to a greater measure of light and truth,” Hansen said. “The mission of the Holy Ghost is, in part, to testify of truth, a witness that often comes as a feeling of ‘peace and reassurance.’ There is still much that we do not know about the nature and power of the Holy Ghost and the Light of Christ. However, we can have unshaken confidence that ‘every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father.'”

2. Obedience

Hansen explained that in order to receive more light and stay worthy of the Holy Ghost’s guidance, it is important to keep the commandments.

“For those who are struggling with questions or doubts, it is more important than ever to keep the commandments,” Hansen said. “Obedience helps us remain worthy to receive revelation and discern light and truth when the Holy Ghost speaks peace to our hearts and minds. Obedience helps us remain on safe ground while we seek for answers to our questions.”

3. Prayer

Hansen described prayer as a way to connect with God and receive light and guidance.

“Sincere prayer invites personal revelation,” Hansen said. “He answers our prayers in His way, and He knows the end from the beginning in our journey in life.”

Above all, Hansen emphasizes the importance of following Christ and striving to be more like Him.

“As we learn to live more like our Savior, we can be the light that will brighten the darkness in the world,” Hansen said. “For those who are struggling in the darkness and feel that there is no light, please know that you are never alone, that your Heavenly Father is there for you, and He will show you the way into the light. I know this is true, I testify that He is there, and He is always willing to keep his promise of eternal happiness if we choose to follow him and his plan.”