On Feb. 7 BYU-Idaho invited Elder Alvin F. Meredith lll, a general authority seventy, to speak.

Elder Meredith spoke on “receiving revelation for life decisions.”

During the devotional, Elder Meredith asked the congregation, “Who is making important life decisions in the next 5-10 years?”

Kathryn Lambert, a BYU-I student studying web design and development, was in the congregation at last week’s devotional. Lambert refers back to Elder Meredith’s talk on trusting in the Lord and personal revelation. Lambert felt that she needed a reminder and is striving to act on her own personal impressions.

“I have been applying it in my life by proceeding with trust that the Lord will stop me from making a wrong decision when choosing between two right things,” Lambert said.

White board greets devotional attendants  with question.

White board with a question of “How do you feel Love at devotional?” Posed to students as they walk into the BYU-I Center. Photo credit: Ashlee Mcphearson

BYU-Idaho encourages students and faculty to attend the weekly devotional, take notes on the talks and follow up on the impressions they receive.

How many students follow up with devotional notes and personal impressions?

Jackson Beal, a freshman studying English, has felt a difference in his life as he’s acted on devotional invitations.

“I notice a huge difference,” Beal said. “I feel a lot better about my choices and more hopeful.”

Students going to find seats on first floor of BYU-Idaho Center.

First floor at the BYU-Idaho Center starting to fill up before the devotional. Photo credit: Ashlee Mcphearson

Sarah Holt, a junior studying agribusiness, is making a plan. Holt’s plan is to take action and be proactive in her decision-making.

“I will start moving toward different options while also studying them out,” Holt said. “There is power in choosing to move forward by faith.”

Those interested in learning more about the weekly devotionals and upcoming speakers can learn more on BYU-I’s website