On Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center, Amy Hanks, a chemistry professor, shared her devotional talk which focused on understanding what Heavenly Father wants for each of His children and who He wants each of them to become.

She began by sharing a personal experience: In the past, she prayed to Heavenly Father wondering why she hadn’t gotten married yet. As she thought of what she was doing wrong, she felt an answer from the Lord that she needed to focus on the opportunities she had at that moment, which caused her to see things from a new perspective. According to Hanks, Heavenly Father helped her because He knows her and all His children individually.

“Isn’t it amazing that Heavenly Father knows each of us individually,” Hanks said. “He knows our strengths, our weaknesses, our struggles, our triumphs. And He knows our full potential both spiritually as daughters and sons who can become queens and kings in His kingdom and who we can become in this mortal life as we learn and grow and bless our families and other children of our Heavenly Father.”

She continued her message by sharing various quotes from scriptures and general conference talks that highlight the importance of trusting in the Lord and understanding His plan.

She used examples of Oliver Cowdery as Joseph Smith’s scribe in the early days of the Church and Nephi when he received the brass plates, an account in the Book of Mormon. Neither of them knew exactly how to do what was expected of them, but were successful because they trusted the Lord and the promptings of the Holy Ghost, which Hanks encouraged students to do as well.

“Learning God’s will and plan is an individual process that looks different for each of us,” Hanks said. “Have you learned how the Holy Ghost talks to you? If not, I encourage you to start asking questions and listening for the answers. These answers will come in different ways.”

In closing, Hanks spoke of the love Heavenly Father has for each of His children and the individual plans He’s prepared for each of them. She promised that those who would be willing to listen for answers would have a clear understanding of who God wants them to be. She also shared her testimony of Jesus Christ and His Church.

“I know that I am a daughter of heavenly parents who love me, I know that The Church of Jesus Christ is the restored gospel and is guided by a living prophet,” Hanks said. “I know that Jesus Christ is my savior, that He lived, died and was resurrected.”