On Tuesday, June 6, at 11:30 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center, Primary General President Susan H. Porter gave her devotional talk which she focused on being a witness to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father through the metaphor of clouds.

She explained that clouds contain millions of drops of water and that Christ is like a drop of water too. 

“Clouds contain millions of tiny droplets,” President Porter said. “Even though each drop of water is small, when they are gathered together, the result is a beautiful cloud. When the Spirit of God shines in our hearts, we receive a witness of Heavenly Father and His Son that is like a drop of water.”

President Porter went on to share an experience in which a talk from President Henry B. Eyring in the November 2007 edition of the Liahona touched her spiritually.

In the talk, President Eyring encourages members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to find ways to preserve their testimonies and witnesses of the Lord’s work. After reading the talk, President Porter and her family compiled a book of experiences in which they had seen the Lord’s hand in their lives. President Porter invited students to do the same. 

“Although it’s been over 15 years, my faith is strengthened every time I read those witnesses,” President Porter said. “Similarly, writing down our witnesses can put them in our cloud, so we can draw on them ‘for the day that we will need to remember how much God loves us and how much we need Him.'”

In closing, President Porter promised students that recording their witnesses would increase their faith and that they would be more worthy of witnesses of Christ when He comes again. She also shared her testimony of Him and being one of His witnesses.

“As we look up to the clouds, may we be filled with a desire to stay true and faithful to God, so that we will be counted worthy to be witnesses of the Savior when He comes again in clouds of glory,” President Porter said. “I bear my witness that our Savior lives. He is the way back to the Father. May each of us seek witnesses of our Lord and Savior and may we each stand as a witness of Him.”