Doug Sorensen, the Maintenance Services Manager, shared a BYU-Idaho Devotional address with students about enduring trials on Tuesday.

Sorensen started by telling a story about the German battleship the Bismarck. He shared the historical details of the battles it fought in between Germany and England. He said that the misfortunes the Bismarck crew faced helped them improve, and the obstacles the British faced in defeating the ship helped them grow too.

“Although everything seemed to be going wrong for them, their unwillingness to accept defeat allowed them to keep focused on the task at hand and to eventually accomplish their goal,” Sorensen said. “Great disappointments, hardships and sacrifices were required for this to happen.”

Choir during devotional.

Choir during devotional. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho photo by Nicolette Muhlestein

Sorensen talked about his trials. He spoke about his infant daughter, who passed away in his arms.

“It is important that we look at adversity for what it is, simply an obstacle that we must overcome,” said Sorensen. “How we handle these challenges determines whether they become stumbling blocks or stepping stones. Navigating through the challenges of life helps us become strong and faithful and make progress and development possible.”

These stories were particularly impactful to some students on campus.

Students during devotional.

Students during devotional. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho photo by Nicolette Muhlestein

“I loved the story about his wife and their child and the trial they went through of losing that child,” said Katie Bell, a junior studying recreation management. “I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and it was a bit scary hearing about that, but with President Nelson’s council of thinking celestial, it gave me hope.”

Another student liked his story about the battleship.

“I really enjoyed the stories he told,” said Carolyn King, a freshman studying biology. “I like how he came up with something good from both sides because one technically won and the other lost.”

The Devotional can be viewed through the BYU-I website.