In his upcoming devotional address, Kort Black will speak about the power of positivity and its role in God’s plan.

Kort Black, a project manager at BYU-Idaho, will give his devotional address, “God’s Positive Power,” on Aug. 17.

According to his BYU-I biography, Black grew up in Holladay, Utah, studied biology at the University of Utah and earned his master’s degree in education at Western Governor’s University. Black and his wife, Chris, have five children.

Black will discuss the divine nature of all of God’s children and how God’s love is infinite and beyond comprehension.

Black’s address will compare God’s positive and uplifting power to the negative power of the adversary. He will explain how the adversary thrives on negativity, however, even in a fallen world, God encourages positivity.

He will emphasize the importance of choosing positive thinking and share personal experiences that helped him become more positive.

Black plans to invite students to strive to be more positive in their thoughts and their actions. He will encourage them to ask God directly for help if they are struggling.