Roger Nichols, the User Experience and web development manager for BYU-Idaho, will be speaking at Devotional on change.

Nichols attended Ricks and when he came back from his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Then, he attended BYU-I.

As a way to prepare students for Devotional, Nichols asked the question on Canvas: What kinds of changes in your life have helped you become more like Jesus Christ?

Many students felt that coming to BYU-I was the change that helped them become like Jesus.

BYU-Idaho Devotional Discussion Board.

BYU-Idaho Devotional Discussion Board. Photo credit: Morgan Thrasher

“Coming to BYU-I has definitely changed my outlook on life and how I should live it, and I believe coming here was the right decision,” wrote Rachel Marin, a student on campus. “It is a good community to surround oneself with.”

Some other students shared more personal things that had happened in their lives.

“The changes that I have made that have helped me become more Christlike were more attitudinal than something outward or measurable,” said Helen Orr, another BYU-I student. “I was born in the Church, didn’t have any Word of Wisdom or Church attendance issues, no tattoos to remove, no real obvious things — but I had some real paradigm shifting from the judgmental attitudes … I have come to focus more on forgiving, on serving, on letting God sort things out and not thinking I have to solve it all on my own.”

Devotional can be viewed at the I-Center or on the BYU-I website.