David Magleby, who teaches history, geography and political science on campus will speak at Devotional.

Magleby’s talk will center on family and temple history work. He has a background serving in the temple as an ordinance worker and has also served as a volunteer at the Rexburg FamilySearch Center.

To help students prepare, Magleby posed this question on the Devotional Discussion Board: What insights or blessings have you recognized from your participation in temple and family history work?

“The blessing of having been able to find my ancestors since I was 13 years old,” commented Jacqueline Lopez, a BYU-Idaho student. “I have worked hard to do my family history. Now that I am 40 years old, I know that my daughters have been able to infect themselves with that spirit of love and continue to do the work for them in all these years has been a blessing especially because, by doing family history, my family can be united forever for eternity.”

Another student focused on the peace of the temple rather than family history work.

“The temple has always been a place of peace for me,” commented Sterling Welker, a BYU-I student. “Whenever I need help or guidance I know I can receive it there.”

Devotional will be held on Tuesday at 11:30 at the BYU-Idaho Center, or it can be watched or listened to on the BYU-I website and radio.