On Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center, Sam Merrick, facilities management operations director, shared his devotional address which focused on finding purpose and developing courage from a gospel perspective.

He began his message by explaining what some of his purposes have been as a BYU-Idaho employee over the past 16 years and how those purposes have helped him grow his testimony.

“Your purpose in being here may be to build our testimony or prepare you and others for greater things to come,” Merrick said. “Your role in preparing others may be helping a classmate, roommate, coworker or spouse recognize their value, potential or even gain and grow a testimony already in existence.”

He went on to give an example of purpose and self-worth using two quarters — one of which was crafted of 80% silver, which was how quarters were made prior to 1965. The other quarter did not have any silver. While they did look similar, one was worth much more than the other. He explained that just like the quarters, worth can begin to elevate once given a closer look.

Merrick shared three points to help those listening see their own self-worth. He said that each point applies to every student at BYU-I.

— You are a cherished son or daughter of God.

— You are and can become a disciple of Jesus Christ no matter your current circumstances.

— You are here at BYU-I for a purpose.

Later on in his talk, Merrick spoke of courage and how it can help individuals fully amplify their purpose. He brought up various trials and challenges that students may face in today’s world and shared how the trials may be overcome by developing courage and focusing on purpose.

“In recent years, our personal lives may have experienced chaos, confusion or even fear,” Merrick said. “For some, it may be your first semester, newly married, started upper-level classes, new job or even the birth of a child. Courage can come in the form of moving forward through good situations or moving away from evil as the spirit directs.”

In closing, Merrick shared a scripture passage from the Book of Mormon in Moroni 7 and a part of the hymn, “Let Us All Press On.” He spoke of how these passages both highlight a focus on good things to come and having the courage to step away when appropriate.

“I believe all of you listening today have within you the courage needed to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and be successful while here at this great university,” Merrick said. “I encourage each one of you to find purpose and become great.”