Brandie Miguel, the student leadership activities and events coordinator for student support, spoke about the living mission of BYU-Idaho and how we can incorporate it in our own lives.

Miguel mentioned three points that she’s seen consistently in the people at BYU-I that she considers to be great disciple leaders:

— The Lord calls or brings individuals to BYU-I.

— Disciple leaders freely utilize the power of invitation.

— Disciple leaders lift and lead where they stand.

“Disciple leaders are just ordinary people,” Miguel said. “You, all of you, can become disciple leaders. It is through the small and simple things we do each day.”

Students leaving Devotional.

Students leaving Devotional. Photo credit: Morgan Thrasher

Chelsea Schatz, a freshman studying business finance, found that inviting others and living the BYU-I mission were both important parts of Miguel’s talk.

Remember God’s hand in your journey to BYU-Idaho, utilize the power of invitation, and lift within your circle of influence,” said Miguel. “You will access those unparalleled spiritual resources and become legendary for your capacity to lift and lead those around you.”

Lindsey Shrader, a junior studying accounting, found the invitation, to utilize the power of invitation within our circles of influence, to be a great suggestion.

Miguel used a video to explain her point on what disciple leadership could look like in our lives.

Next week there will not be a traditional Devotional. The Inauguration of President Alvin F. Meredith III will occur at the normal Devotional time.