David Magleby, a history, geography and political science faculty member, spoke at Devotional on Tuesday about family history work.

“Family discoveries lead naturally to covenant desires,” Magleby said.

Magleby gave his own experience with family history work. He shared a story about his maternal grandmother who went to Ricks College to extend her teaching certification. She experienced a lot of the same things students face today, and the connection Magleby shares with BYU-Idaho has deepened because of her story.

President Meredith conducting devotional.

President Meredith conducting devotional. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho photo by Nicolette Muhlestein

“Participation in temple and family history work is a choice to gather to the Savior,” Magleby said. “Jesus is anxious to meet with us in His holy house. As we make and keep covenants, we approach Jesus Christ. His promises are sure.”

Magleby also spoke about those who can’t help themselves on the other side of the veil.

“I testify there is a great work in which you and I are invited to become gatherers,” Magleby said. “We can do for others what they cannot accomplish for themselves.”

Magleby gave a clear invitation to BYU-I students, “With an hour available, we can turn finding names into gathering families.”

Students responded positively to what Magleby spoke about.

“I loved hearing about family history today,” said Jacqueline Brigeb-Bordon, a freshman majoring in general studies. “I haven’t been able to work on it because I have family members who aren’t members on one full side of the family. So, I have lots of work to do that I’m excited about.”

David Magleby with his family.

David Magleby with his family. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho photo by Nicolette Muhlestein

Another student commented on the chart Magleby presented during his speech. It featured various ways a person can do family history work based on the amount of time they have available.

“I liked the list Brother Magleby gave of ways to be a part of family history work,” said Jenna Stokes, a junior studying sociology. “My favorite was the making a memory for yourself.”

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