On Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center, Eileen Nuffer, an online chemistry professor, will share her devotional talk focused on the different trials that individuals go through and how they can benefit from those hardships.

She chose this specific topic because her husband suffered from a motorcycle accident last year. After nearly a year of recovery, he was recently strong enough to return to work, but according to Nuffer, it was a long journey that she appreciates — and she wants to help students and faculty appreciate hardships as well.

“My husband was in a motorcycle accident last May,” Nuffer said. “He was in the hospital for a long time and a nursing home for a long time and then at home recovering. It was a long road and there’s a lot to draw from here in sharing.”

To be better prepared to receive her message on Tuesday, Nuffer invites individuals to ponder on the trials they’ve endured throughout their lives, think about how those struggles have helped them and consider what skills they may have gained by having gone through those trials. She also hopes that students can understand how much easier trials can be with the help of Heavenly Father.

Apart from attending the devotional in person, students can live stream it online and can also watch it from the chapel in the John Taylor Building.

Nuffer is currently teaching online chemistry classes from her home in Oregon. She has been married to her husband, Roger for 13 years and they have six children together. She has been teaching at BYU-I for 10 years and has been a teacher for over 22 years.