On Tuesday, June 13 at 11:30 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center, William Brugger, an English professor at BYU-I, will give his devotional talk which he will focus on various forms of literature that can help individuals increase their faith in Christ. 

Brugger felt inspired to speak on this topic due to his background as an English professor and he recognizes that it has helped him raise his own children. He also thinks that this has a particular relevance with social media, especially in this current day and age. 

While the discussion board is currently available to respond and react to other students’ comments to prepare for Tuesday, Brugger also recommends that students reflect on the power that literature has had on their lives until now to be as receptive as possible to his message.

“Just be pondering about the influence great books and literature has had on your upbringing and education — how it’s made you think and feel differently about your world, or relationships, or how it’s increased your conversion to the gospel,” Brugger said. “Does it remain influential? If the exposure has been limited or lacking, would you be willing to attempt a reboot?”

If there’s one thing that students should take away from his message, it’s the significance of including literature in everyday life to grow emotionally as well as spiritually. Brugger hopes students will reach a deeper commitment to literature and have stronger desires to increase their own testimonies of the gospel. 

Brugger was born in Los Angeles, California and was raised in Long Beach, a half hour south of his birthplace. He served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Asunción, Paraguay from 1985-1987 and has taught in BYU-I’s English Department since 1993. He and his wife have six children together — four daughters and two sons — and they have two grandchildren. This summer, they will celebrate 34 years of marriage.