Jason Williams, the College of Language and Letters dean, will speak on Tuesday at Devotional.

Williams will focus his address on the Book of Mormon and the power it can have as it is read daily.

On the Devotional discussion board, Williams asked students to ponder a question in anticipation of his talk: How has the Book of Mormon increased your understanding of repentance?

Matt Shannon responded to the question on the discussion board, “It has helped me to realize that repentance is not a negative concept. It restores, repairs, and replaces the negative in our lives with positive spirituality.”

Other students commented on the prompt, sharing personal experiences and favorite stories from the Book of Mormon that show the importance of repentance.

“The core of the message is that repentance is received from God and that it is a necessity for all to repent of their sins and weaknesses,” Christianah Ajayi, a BYU-I student commented on the discussion board. “Those who have repented should not see it as sinful or negative but rather as a free gift from God which requires a process that all mankind must go through. … When we duly go through the process, it brings eternal joy.”

Students can participate in the Devotional discussion board every week as they prepare to listen and learn at Devotional.

Devotional will be held in the BYU-Idaho Center at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Those who would rather watch it remotely can do so through BYU-Idaho’s website.