Devotional speaker and Animal Science faculty member Kerry Powell testified of the potential to increase our abilities and of God’s creations — people, animals and earth — on Tuesday.

“I have observed that people can sense the goodness and beauty of God’s plan as they experience the growth of baby animals,” Powell said.

He compares a cow’s embryo to an adult dairy cow with the ability to produce 2,000 milk gallons a year.

Matt Dredge, an animal science professor of 14 years, shares his thoughts, of Powell’s devotional.

“I really enjoyed how Brother Powell used the animals as a way to show that animals and science in the developmental bodies manifest the love of God and His creation, and how God is the creator,” Dredge said.

Lambs at the farm.

Lambs at the farm. Photo credit: Amy Baeza

Amy Baeza, an animal science professor of four years at BYU-Idaho, also talks about the Agricultural Science Center six miles from campus.

Students go to the BYU-I Agricultural Science Center four times a day to feed the animals. The students get hands-on experience with animals and understand their behaviors as they take care of them.

Baeza connects the devotional with her time as a professor of Animal and Food Science.

“It fits right into religion and even the scriptures talk a lot about God’s purpose for animals here on this earth,” Baeza said.

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