Digging in the past of Ricks College


Learn about the blast from the past at the “Ricks, What’s your story?” open house on Jan. 30 from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the David O. McKay Library Special Collections and Archive.

The event will give community members a chance to check out different artifacts dating back to 1888 — like the Thomas Ricks walking cane, which was owned by Thomas E. Ricks, an early pioneer of the Upper Snake River Valley of whom Ricks College was named after.

Along with detailed explanations of the artifacts being presented, there will be videos and a photo caption contest of funny pictures from the school’s history.

Students will learn the process of Ricks College becoming a four-year institution, as well as what student life was like at Ricks and the different struggles the school faced in the beginning.

Rachel Clayton, a senior studying history and an employee of the Special Collections, said she wanted to bring the history of Ricks College to life after researching it for a class.

“I want people here to be proud of their school,” Clayton said. “If people can come in and then leave with a different understanding of what this school means then I think that will be a win in my book.”

Clayton said that one of her favorite artifacts featured in the exhibit is a “little leather men’s jacket from the 40s that was owned by a kid named Bill.” Although there is not much on the previous owner of the jacket, it is one of her favorites.

Come travel back in time with Ricks College this winter semester.

For more information check out the BYU-I event page.


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