Discovery Fair gives career opportunities


The Discovery Fair will be held Feb. 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center basketball courts.

According to the Academic Discovery page on, this fair helps students get connected to employers for potential internships or jobs. Graduate school representatives will come as well to recruit students to their university programs.

According to, the fair attracts over 100 companies and graduate schools to meet and talk with students.

Students can come to explore internship and career opportunities. Students are also encouraged to establish contacts with these organizations for future references.

The companies will have booths set in the BYU-I Center.Company representatives will discuss their businesses and what they do. Also, some of the companies will hold interviews with students for potential job opportunities.

Students can find a list of the companies and graduate schools that will be at the fair as well as a list of companies that will be holding interviews at

Will Gierke, a BYU-I graduate and marketing and events coordinator, said he enjoys this event, and it is a great way for students to get their foot in the door of the business world.

Gierke also said the average attendance of the event ranges from 1,200 to 1,500 students.

Gierke said he is happy to see so many students attend, but he feels it is a small amount compared to the 14,000 or more students in school.

The Academic Discovery Center has fliers placed around campus with the date and time of the Discovery Fair.The flier contains a quick response code to the Discovery Fair page where students can find additional information on the event.

The Academic Dicovery Center’s web page has tips on how students can better prepare themselves for the Discovery Fair such as doing research on the companies and dress and grooming.

Gierke said they work hard with their marketing team to get this event better recognized; the flier with the quick response code is a new feature.

At the fair, students will be asked to complete a survey. On the survey, students give comments on what they liked about the fair, and also what can be improved.

As part of the survey, students can also suggest companies they would like to see involved in the fair.

Gierke said it is difficult to get some big-name companies to the fair, seeing how Rexburg, Idaho is a secluded area, but he is grateful for those companies that come.

“I love this event, and I love helping students,” Geirke said. “It is a great service provided for the students.”

Gierke said he hopes students will take advantage of this opportunity.

The Academic Discover Center held a Resume Cafe on Feb. 14 and 15 in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center to prepare students for the Discovery Fair.

There, students could have a mini resume review, which allowed them to get feedback on their resumes and advice on how to prepare themselves for the fair and for their future careers.