Diving into America’s pastime

Chris Hall created 40 minute and a half social media videos introducing the fans to the players. Photo credit: Krysyan Edler

The heat from the stadium lights beats down on the green diamond. Fans come to cheer on the new faces that put on the Idaho Falls Chukars jersey every season. These new faces — new players — bounce around teams trying to prove that they are ready for Major League Baseball.

Chris Hall, a senior studying communication, wanted these migrating players to become more than a name. Hall produced 40 to 90-second videos for the team’s social media and a podcast series recapping Chukars news and games.

“The team is only here for three months of the year,” Hall said. “The fans don’t really get to know the players that well.”

After completing two internships for the Chukars, Hall now works full-time in the team’s public relations department. He writes press releases, posts on social media, oversees the between-inning games and organizes promotional giveaways.

Hall grew up in Las Vegas without a hometown team to root for. He became a San Francisco Giants fan because those games played on local channels. He planned to work for a Major League Baseball team in the future but put that plan on hold. He enjoys the hands-on and broad range of tasks he completes with the minor leagues.

Hall relied on the skills he learned in an editing audio class taught by Brandon Isle to create his podcasts every other week. He hopes to continue the podcasts and video series next season.