Winter is coming, and so are the creative ways BYU-Idaho students try to stay warm in Rexburg. Here are eight tips we have found that will keep the heat this time of year.

1. Heat warmers: Many things can be used as heat warmers that can be placed in your pockets in order to keep your hands and feet warm. Heating up microwave-safe bags of rice can be an inexpensive alternative to Hot Hands, a specific brand of hand warmers.

2. Bundle up: Layers are key to facing the Rexburg wind. Hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, sweatshirts and coats. The more the merrier.

According to Mountain Warehouse, an outdoor clothing company, one pro tip is to wear many thin layers rather than a few thicker layers of clothing.

“Warm air is trapped between the layers acting as an insulator. If you were then to remove a layer you would reduce the amount of heat trapped which would cool you down,” according to the article “The Layering System,” by the Mountain Warehouse.

BYU-I students have also suggested wearing leggings under another pair of pants to keep in the heat.

3. Get close: This could mean cuddling with a friend or roommate, holding hands or sharing a kiss with a significant other.

Kerra Garner, a freshman studying apparel entrepreneurship finds this to be an effective form of staying warm.

“Cuddling is great because it helps maintain body heat, and you are expressing your love and appreciation for the other person,” Garner said.

For those single students, have no fear. A nice blanket or even a hug from a neighbor can also keep you warm.

4. Run: To beat the cold, Benjamin Gilbert, a sophomore studying psychology, goes for a run as often as he can.

“For me, I acclimate most to the weather that I work out in,” Gilbert said.

Maybe running is not your thing, but exercise in general can make winter more bearable, according to Dr. Patricia Laguna, a professor of kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton.

“Exercise can boost your mood, and you need that lift even more during the winter,” Laguna said.

5. Stay inside: This is an obvious way to stay warm, but not always possible with a busy college schedule. Still, you can find a lot of things to do indoors to stay warm and enjoy quality time with others.

Some students camp around a heated oven just to grasp a little bit of warmth to help them get through the day.

“When your heating doesn’t work, sometimes you have to resort to other means of heat to survive the environment,” said Samantha Low, a freshman majoring in art.

6. Food: Whether it’s a warm pizza or hot chocolate, food can warm you from the inside out. Not only that, but there are health benefit to drinking dark hot chocolate specifically, according to

The sweet contains flavonoids, a type of antioxidant thought to reduce the damage caused by free radicals, potential instigators of cancer and cardiovascular disease,” according to

7. Cut through buildings: Find a route to your classes that takes you through buildings on campus. It might take you longer to navigate campus this way, but at least it will give your body a break from the chilling cold.

8. The Spirit of God: The Spirit might not work with everyone through a warm feeling or a “burning in the bosom” as written in Doctrine and Covenants 9:8, but actively participating in religious activities and your own personal spiritually can keep you happy and active in the cold months of Rexburg.

Whatever method of staying warm you choose to use in order to survive Rexburg winters, remember to share the warmth this semester.