Despite many families surrounding him while he stood alone, David Vasquez said he has hope in his heart for the future day he could attend general conference with his family.

Vasquez, originally from El Salvador, attended his first session of general conference during the Saturday Afternoon session. While waiting in line, Vasquez said he was excited to see the new prophet and apostles sit in their seats.

“As a convert, it means a lot to me,” Vasquez said. “I think it is a huge event (sustaining a new prophet).”

When President Gordon B. Hinckley died and President Thomas S. Monson was sustained as the new President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Vasquez was serving a mission in Dallas, Texas, and could not attend general conference.

“Knowing that the Church is a church of order helps my faith grow even more,” Vasquez said. “God calls a new prophet as soon as one dies.”

Vasquez said he believes God prepares all His children to receive the gospel, not just the prophet. In Vasquez’s case, his brother prepared him for the life-changing decision of accepting the gospel.

“My brother has been a member for many years before he shared the gospel with me,” Vasquez said. “It only took me one month to accept the Church. Everything happened really fast.”

On his baptism day, Vasquez requested to see the Progress Records the missionaries had kept in the Area Book. He said he wanted to know what the missionaries were saying about him. The missionaries wrote “golden investigator” on the records, meaning Vasquez was completely prepared to accept the gospel when they found him.

“I was so willing to learn,” Vasquez said. “I have only missed one Sunday since becoming a member. My conversion was quick yet powerful.”

Last month he visited his Catholic mother and cousins in El Salvador. Vasquez and his wife took them to the Church for the first time.

“Sharing my testimony with my mom about how the gospel has changed my life was a beautiful experience,” Vasquez said. “They could see the changes in my life since joining the Church.”

Vasquez said he has kept the burning fire of conversion in his heart. Although he and his brother are the only members, he said he looks forward to the day they attend general conference as a family.

“I have always thought about how happy I will be that day,” Vasquez said. “It is such a great opportunity to share the gospel with my mom, and the day she accepts it will be very important.”