Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, along with several other church leaders, addressed young married couples during a devotional on Sunday, May 5.

Elder Holland began his talk with two stories. He told of his experience asking his father-in-law for his wife, Patricia’s, hand. His father-in-law reacted by yelling at him and asked why Elder Holland thought he would let his daughter marry him.

The second story took place a couple days before Elder Holland’s wedding. He and Sister Holland had gotten into an argument. Afterward, she stormed home and told her father that she was not going to marry Elder Holland, to which her father replied, “Yes you are.” After successfully gaining the attention of those present, Elder Holland revealed that both stories were not true.

“You need to laugh a little in your marriage, you can’t make it without it,” Elder Holland said. “Don’t wait to live.”

Many listeners found this example of living funny and relatable.

“This was a good way of talking and joking to young people in a way that he can relate to them,” said Victoria Doelling, a junior studying biology.

To emphasize his point, Elder Holland quoted a poem by Henry Van Dyke, which says, “The shadow by my finger cast divides the future from the past.”

“Live in the moment and savor it as if it were your last,” Elder Holland said.

Elder Holland passed on advice that he received from President Harold B. Lee when he was newly married. President Lee told Elder Holland to make his first priority personal and spiritual health.

“Jesus increased in wisdom and stature before man and God, all of these things have to be put in place first,” said Teresa Blanchard, a professor in the Religious Education Department.

The second priority Elder Holland remembered from President Lee was the need to be present for your spouse.

Elder Holland told a story of when he and his wife had set aside Friday nights as date nights. On certain occasions, he remembered only having the time and money to walk with his wife to Dairy Queen, get an ice cream cone and talk on the walk home.

“Those ice creams saved my life,” his wife later told him.

Elder Holland said that amidst the whirlwinds of life, his wife had looked forward to those moments.

“She just wanted me,” Elder Holland said. “Make sure that you are available to each other.”

Elder Holland concluded by taking questions from the attendees.

“Learn from the past, plan for the future; but the moment that we need to live in is right now,” he said. “Savor the moment.”