On Jan. 23, Elder Patrick Kearon spoke for the first time with journalists since being called as an Apostle Dec. 7, 2023.

Throughout the interview, Elder Kearon refers to his personal conversion story to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I hope that it brings me the perspective of a convert going forward. I always, of course, see through the eyes of my own experience,” Kearon said to the Church Communication Representatives. “And I hope that that will be a useful part of the mix — acknowledging, of course, that by some degree we’re all converts.”

Elder Kearon was introduced to The Church as an adult while living with a Latter-day Saint family in California. The example of this family stayed with him, even after a few years later when he was later taught by missionaires and baptized in London.

“I see greater simplicity now in the gospel than I have ever seen,” Elder Kearon said according to the Church News. “I think more and more of the pure heart of the gospel, of our loving Father in Heaven, His Son, Jesus Christ, and of course of the Restoration.”

In his closing remarks, Elder Kearon leaves this message with the world and his personal witness of Jesus Christ being the source we can all turn for peace.

“To anyone who’s hurting, feeling alone, feeling forgotten, feeling neglected or mistreated, I pray that you will find peace from the source of all peace (and) from the love of your Father in Heaven, who adores you, believe it or not,” Elder Kearon said.