In the heart of Salt Lake City during the April 2024 General Conference, Elder Aaron Roome stood out as a service missionary who merged his fervent love for photography with his spiritual journey.

Elder Roome shared how his mission married his dedication to service with his talent for capturing the transient beauty of life through his camera, setting a compelling narrative for his time in the field.

His journey into photography began long before his mission, with five to six years of experience and travels that took him from the landscapes of Kenya and Fiji to the cultural heartlands of Europe. His photography skills, nurtured through these travels, have found a new expression in his service mission.

“I’ve been on my mission for six months, with the last two dedicated to photographing significant church events,” Elder Roome said.

His work has spanned capturing both candid and posed photographs of attendees, providing a visual record of these gatherings.

With the Church’s support, which provided him with professional photography equipment, Elder Roome has continued to pursue his hobby while serving.

“The Church provides me with some very good gear,” Elder Roome said. “It’s a really cool hobby and an amazing service.”

Elder Aaron Rome, a service missionary during the General Conference

Elder Aaron Rome, a service missionary during the General Conference. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Elder Roome’s duties have not been limited to photography alone; he has also engaged in various service projects across northern Utah, from temples to the Church Headquarters, enriching his missionary experience.

A day in the life of Elder Roome is a blend of early starts, meticulous planning for photography assignments and immersion in the spiritual and communal atmosphere of the conference. Despite the demands of his schedule, Elder Roome ensured he remained connected to the spiritual essence of the conference, listening to the talks during his breaks.

“It’s amazing to hear the Word of God through prophets,” Elder Roome said.

When asked what he sees beyond his mission, Elder Roome comments he is open to the possibilities the future holds, from potentially serving the full two years of his mission to pursuing higher education in Utah.

“I have no idea what I want to major in yet, but I’m considering photography as a career,” Elder Roome said.

Through his lens, Elder Roome shared his captures are more than just images; he documents faith, community and the diverse ways service can be rendered, offering a unique perspective on the missionary experience.