Employees and residents react to Shamrock Shake

Morgan Nay, a cosmetology student tries new Shamrock shake. Photo credit: Berrett Harris

Shamrock Shakes were released on Feb. 21. Shamrock Shakes consist of a vanilla shake base, blended mint syrup and are topped with whipped cream.

“Shamrock is a unique flavor and is only offered for a limited time which increases demand,” said Rexburg McDonald’s owner Trent Chicos.

On the McDonald’s secret menu, there is a shake known as the “McLeprechaun” which is a mint chocolate shake. During the season of Shamrock Shakes, all stores experience an increase in all shake sales.

“We had an offer on our mobile app for a free shamrock shake on St. Patrick’s day three years ago,” Chico’s said. “We gave away more than 400 shakes,” explained Chico’s. “We wanted to promote the mobile app as well as provide an incentive for the returning flavor.”

“McDonald’s revenue nationwide increases due to the limited time offer,” said McDonalds General Manager, LeLand Rydalch.

“We get a large demand before St. Patrick’s day,” said Leland Rydalch, general manager. “We sell over 100 shakes a day. After St. Patrick’s day, it goes down to 10 a day,” said McDonalds General Manager, Leland Rydalch.” After the 17th, they are made until supplies last.”

“I get one every shift. I love them,” said Toby Harding, an employee. “In high school, I went almost daily the whole time they were released. It was not a healthy choice.”

“It tastes like toothpaste but if you mix it with Oreos, it tastes a lot better,” said Emily Sorenson, an employee at McDonald’s.

According to RMCH.org, They have sold over 60 million shakes in over 60 countries and regions since 1970. The Shamrock Shake not only brings in a lot of revenue for McDonald’s, but it also brings in revenue to benefit people all around the world.

In 1974, Shamrock Shake sales helped contribute to the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. They contributed over $87,000.