On Thursday, English enthusiasts gathered in the William F. Rigby Lounge to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a spelling bee. The contest began with easier words and progressed to more difficult words.

The spelling bee included words such as “cilantro,” “jocundity,” “paradisiacal” and “ebullience.”

A brief interlude in the first round debated the legitimacy of the slang word “cringy,” which is also spelled “cringey.”

The top three winners received a book of poetry and bragging rights for their victory.

“It’s nice to win something,” said Wade Taggart, the first-place winner and a junior studying English.

Myriad Felton, the second-place winner and a senior studying English, added to Taggart’s comment.

“I’m pretty content,” Felton said. “I don’t tend to win things, so (it’s) a bit out of the ordinary.”

According to the English department, English is the most versatile major. Taggart and Felton shared what they enjoy about English.

“I like the opportunities English gives, not only to read but also to share,” Felton said.

Taggart shared his enjoyment of the English language and the power words can carry.

“I really enjoy finding ways to express myself with new words that are unique and concise and just fun to know,” Taggart said.

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