Four BYU-Idaho students helped the Church Educational System’s Global Initiative to develop EnglishConnect 3, a program that helps people all over the world to enhance their English ability and enters Pathway Connect.

Seth Robins, the BYU-I campus curriculum developer, said EnglishConnect 3 takes the highest level of a series of three English programs, and his student employees Paige Roley, Madi Galer, Daniel da Silva, Hector Valles, Emmanuel Candiani and Becca Maag all have a minor in “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language,” also known as TESOL, and help write and review the listening and speaking context.

“Because of their experiences, we want to have an opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in this program,” Robins said. “It helps them with their own professional development, but they are also helping these learners to learn English.”

Robins said these students were able to participate in I-TESOL conference, a conference that brings schools from Idaho, Utah, Montana and Wyoming who have a TESOL program to exchange ideas and help students learn English.

“It was a little bit nerve-wracking presenting in front of these people who are so knowledgeable,” said Hector Valles, a senior studying elementary education. “But at the same time, I feel good because I know the content that we are developing is pretty good.”

Daniel da Silva, a junior studying English education, said before he came to BYU-I he studied in pathway connect for a year and that helps him develop passage that can best fit the needs of the students.

Silva said writing the curriculum for EnglishConnect 3 helps him gain a real-life experience and get ahead of his education.

Robins said EnglishConnect 3 will pilot Fall 2018 and hopefully, they can expand to different areas of the world after.

Robins said students need to have a novice-high and intermediate-low level of English to get into EnglishConnect 3 and to get into Pathway Connect, they need to have an intermediate-high level of English.

BYU developed a placement test that is similar to TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test, a test every non-English speaker need to take before they enroll in English-speaking universities, to understand the level of English of their students.

“I think its amazing for undergraduate students working on the project like this because usually, you will need to have a master-level experience to work on the project like this,” Robins said. “BYU-Idaho really helps students to become a leader in their field and jump start in a career.”