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With temperatures below freezing, Rexburg’s winter makes playing outdoor sports, like soccer, less common. However, BYU-Idaho intramural sports give students the chance to play soccer indoors. This inside version of soccer is known as futsal.

“Soccer is played on a bigger, outdoor field with grass, while futsal is played on an indoor court … with a little bit of a smaller and heavy ball,” said Adam Elliott, a sophomore studying business management.

Intramural sports, like futsal, allow students of all experience levels to get involved, be active and become a part of a team.

“I like playing intramural soccer because it gives me an opportunity to connect with other students and just enjoy some time playing soccer,” Elliott said, “It’s a good workout.”

Students can create their own teams or join a team, both provide opportunities to meet new people and play the sports.

“My favorite part [of intramural sports] is making friendships, and winning is sometimes nice too,” said Olivia Ross, a freshman studying English education.

The intramural futsal tournaments begin next week, making winning necessary for teams to continue playing this semester.

“It’s just nice to be involved, meet new people, and… forget about everything, it’s like a good escape,” Ross said.

Interested in learning what futsal is all about? Get involved in intramural sports by going to the games.

For more information, visit the BYU-Idaho Game Day website in the “Futsal: Co-Rec” and “Futsal: Tournament” tabs.

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