It takes commitment and dedication for something to be done for 13 years. Adelyn Overly, a freshman majoring in general studies, started dancing when she was five years old. She has loved it ever since.

“I really can escape a lot of things while dancing,” Overly said.

Overly started with jazz, then tried ballroom. She took a competitive dance class in eighth grade, which motivated her to try out for the high school dance team. She joined her high school drill team but continued to dance on her studio’s competitive team.

Although jazz is her strong suit, her favorite style is lyrical.

“I’m an emotional person, and with lyrical, I am able to put my emotions into each step of the dances,” Overly said.

Overly’s favorite part of dancing, however, is choreographing her own dances.

“When I’m by myself I like coming up with different things for choreography,” Overly said. “I’m able to really take the emotion from the song and put it into my dances.”

In high school, Overly taught younger kids how to dance and came up with choreography for them.

“Dance can be an avenue where you don’t necessarily think about yourself,” Overly said. “You can throw yourself into dance.”

Overly said that skill can’t be developed overnight.

“Don’t be scared to be bad because I was, but just practice as much as you can,” Overly said.

Overly still dances here at BYU-Idaho and continues her passion of losing herself in dance and creating choreography she’s proud of.