Princeton and Stanford universities announced on July 5 they no longer require applicants to submit an essay score from the ACT or SAT.

According to the Washington Post, Princeton and Stanford are the latest in a line of colleges and universities to drop these requirements. Other colleges include Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth college.

According to the Washington Post, fewer than 25 schools such as Duke University and the University of California require essay scores for applications. The colleges dropping the requirement don’t want the extra cost of essay testing to drive applicants away.

In a statement, Princeton announced, “With this policy, Princeton aims to alleviate the financial hardship placed on students, including those who have the opportunity to take the test without writing during the school day and for free.”

Other colleges doubt the exercise revealed much. Charles Deacon, dean of admissions at Georgetown University told the Post that the essays didn’t make a difference when looking over different applications.

Students are still welcome to send their essay scores from the SAT and ACT, it’s just no longer required.