Naya Sproge and Jamal Taylor, the owners of the local virtual reality arcade in Rexburg, have worked for over five years to build their business which opened in early September 2022.

Their VR arcade offers a variety of play options including the Solo Traveler, Shared and the Arena of Fellowship.

The Solo Traveler package guarantees a private booth complete with a Valve Index headset. Conjoining doors between VR booths allow players to play in pairs or as a group — physically separate but virtually connected.

Shared is ideal for groups that want to play together or watch each other play. This option offers a shared room, with up to four players. Each player can use a Valve Index headset and a Tactsuit vest.

The Arena of Fellowship, located at the back of the arcade, is an open space with six Valve Index headsets and six Tactsuit vests. Groups of up to 12 people can book thirty minutes to an hour in the arena. Couches are provided for those in the group who want to watch their friends play.

The arcade is open Monday through Thursday from 2 to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 2 p.m. to midnight. Anyone can book a VR session through their website or simply walk in. Big groups are encouraged to book through the website.

Prices for each package can be found on the Ethereal website. Their pricing reflects the company’s value for the community. Each play option price was carefully set so that the community can enjoy the arcade.

“We are for the community,” Taylor said. “We built this business for the community. And so with that came affordable pricing.”

Ethereal has over 100 games in its library and is downloading and adding new games to its storage daily.

The Ethereal website says, “Merging culture with cutting-edge tech, Ethereal creates an experience that’s rooted in bringing people together. Showcasing the best of Virtual Reality, we pioneer a new way to engage with art, film and gaming like never before.”

Sproge said that they allow those who are 8 years old and older access to their VR equipment. They have seated games to provide an opportunity for those who cannot be on their feet for too long. The arcade also features a room built specifically for wheelchairs.

“Anyone can enjoy VR,” Sproge said.

Those waiting for an arcade room to open can play on the lobby’s PlayStation 5, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii console, Xbox Series S or Nintendo Game Cube. Boardgames and the complete Studio Ghibli collection are also available to entertain in the lobby before and after VR gameplay.

More information about this local business can be found on its website and Instagram.