On Sept. 6, Scroll met with President Alvin F. Meredith III and Jennifer Edgin Meredith to discuss the couple’s hopes as the new leaders of BYU-Idaho.

“We know that (BYU-I students) can become disciples (of Jesus Christ) and become experts and scholars in their fields,” said President Meredith. “I am really grateful for that vision of BYU-I — a vision that we are inheriting.”

On May 16, President Meredith was announced as BYU-Idaho’s 18th president, succeeding Henry J. Eyring who served for six years. His inauguration is on Oct. 10 in the BYU-Idaho Center.

“It’s just very humbling,” said Sister Meredith. “We know that this stewardship is a very sacred responsibility.”

President and Sister Meredith in an interview with Scroll.

President and Sister Meredith in an interview with Scroll. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

The Merediths began their stewardship at BYU-I in the summer and are connecting with the Rexburg community.

“BYU-Idaho is famously friendly,” said President Meredith. “That’s the phrase that we’ve heard and we have felt that. You know, we’re from Tennessee and so we know southern hospitality when we see it. We just didn’t expect to see it in Southern Idaho.”

President and Sister Meredith have six children — four boys and two girls — and each served a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. President Meredith is continuing to serve as a General Authority Seventy while president of BYU-I.

“(Our children) are excited to be here,” President Meredith explained. “When they learned of this assignment, they changed the name of our family group chat from ‘Meredith Family’ to ‘Tater Tots.'”

The exclusive interview can be viewed above.

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