Rexburg’s treasure hunters might need to look beyond their doorstep to find the Anderson Hicks Group treasure, as this week’s clue encourages participants to look back and glance down.

An extra clue was given to Scroll this week in an exclusive interview with Anike Wilder.

An extra clue was given to Scroll this week in an exclusive interview with Anike Wilder. Photo credit: Anderson Hicks Group

The Anderson Hicks Group Southeastern Idaho treasure hunt began on Aug. 4, as the company released a map and riddle. Since then, the hunt’s sponsors have released a clue each week.

This week’s clue was released by Firehose Car Wash on its Instagram.

An extra clue was given to Scroll this week in an exclusive interview with Anike Wilder, a realtor with Anderson Hicks Group at Keller Williams Realty East Idaho and creator of the treasure hunt.

Wilder said that treasure hunters from Rexburg will have to leave the city’s boundaries to find the chest.

This year’s treasure hunt is the fourth AHG treasure hunt, but it is the business’s second year conducting the hunt, according to Wilder. In 2022, the group hosted three hunts — two in the summer months and one during winter.

The first treasure chest was found in two days on one of the Palisades trails. The second was hidden in Island Park on the Coffee Pot Rapids Trail — this treasure took five weeks to find.

The winter treasure was found a few days before Christmas and was hidden in an urban location, Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls. To participate in the winter hunt, treasure seekers had to donate canned food. Half of the $5,000 prize was donated to charity.

This year’s treasure hunt has been in the works since February. Wilder and her team have worked to make this year’s treasure hunt bigger and better than the three previous hunts.

This year’s treasure chest is the size of a toaster. AHG purchased a bigger chest that will be given to the winner of the hunt as well.

The AHG treasure hunts began as a way to connect the community to the outdoors, create fun family memories and encourage unity in Southeastern Idaho. Many people have posted on the treasure hunt Facebook page, thanking the organizers for the event.

The hunts have also brought success to AHG. Their Instagram page has received over 4,000 additional followers as a result of the treasure hunts. The group has also been able to connect with treasure hunters and help them find their dream homes in Southeastern Idaho.

“We helped two people from the treasure hunt last year buy homes and I’m currently working with a few people looking at homes from the treasure hunt (this year) as well,” Wilder said.

AHG is the largest real estate team in Eastern Idaho; they were voted number one in the state of Idaho. The company is partnered with PLACE, a national broker-agnostic real-estate company.