Audience members and performers enjoyed the Faculty Dance Showcase, led by Ashley Storm, on Feb.15.

The showcase featured 12 distinct performances, with no two being the same in tone, story or creative expression.

The excited energy was palpable in the John W. Hart Building before, during and after the show.

A groovy performance

A groovy performance. Photo credit: Megan Royer

Before the curtains opened, Davis Poplin, a sophomore studying political science, shared what his purpose in attending.

“I’m ready to see some creative people doing what they’re best at, especially my friend Anna. I’m here to support her too,” Poplin said.

During the showcase, backstage was buzzing with thrilled and encouraging performers. Whether with silent nods, fist-pumps or thumbs up, there was never a moment any dancer went without reassurance. That energy and support showed through all 12 dances.

Backstage shot of the live performance

Backstage shot of the live performance. Photo credit: Megan Royer

The performance itself was entertaining, exciting and the product of hard work. Kadie Howell, a freshman studying dance, made it through auditions.

“As a dancer, you get to go through the whole process. The backstory, the choreography and the show as a whole. It’s cool being on stage with these people too,” Howell said.

Hannah Dickson, a biology major, also played a role in the performance.

“Dance is what makes me feel alive; what brings me purpose,” Dickson said. “I practiced ten hours per week for my two pieces, but the community is just so great, and dance is so fun, that practicing wasn’t that hard.”

Audience members stepping up to the stage post show.

Audience members stepping up to the stage post show. Photo credit: Megan Royer

The hard work poured into the performance made for a pleased audience. After the show, Dylan Hanson, a biology major, reflected on his experience.

“The event was good. A lot of different songs and dances, and my sister Emily Hanson was in it too,” Hanson said.

Post performance Q&A

Post performance Q&A. Photo credit: Megan Royer

After the show, faculty members placed themselves on the stage for a quick Q&A with audience members. The intricacies of choreography and artistic decisions were revealed.

For future performances, visit the Performing and Visual Arts events website.