An adjunct faculty member in the Music Department died on June 9 in a glider accident in the Grand Teton National Park.

According to National Parks Traveler, Kris Ciesinski and a passenger went missing around noon after taking flight in Driggs.

The phone of one of the missing persons’ was pinged, showing that they were in the park.

“An independent helicopter then contacted the park that they saw what they believed to be glider wreckage in the park,” according to a park release. “Park rangers flew to the site, confirmed it was the glider and that there were two deceased individuals. The wreckage was located between the Middle and South Teton, above Icefloe Lake at approximately 10,800 feet.”

Ciesinski’s passenger’s identity will be released once their next of kin has been contacted.

Ciesinski has been flying gliders for 20 years, according to Cloudstreet. She is an operatic soprano and has sung in Paris, London, San Francisco and more.