These upcoming months are going to be filled with celebrations, including the ones you did not know existed. Here are some of the obscure holidays you can celebrate this November.

Nov. 7- Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

The National Confectioners Association,a trade company designed to promote the confectionery industry, encourages more people to enjoy this healthy snack that dates back to the 18th century. For them the best way to celebrate is by eating these with your family, friends and coworkers.

Nov. 13- National World Kindness Day

Established in the mid-1990s after a successful conference for the Small Kindness Movement, an event that started in Tokyo to promote world peace. The conference encouraged individuals to share their stories of kindness in their countries.

People celebrate by organizing concerts, flash mobs, charitable events and just simply showing extra kindness to others throughout the day.

Nov. 14- National Pickle day

This holiday traces back to India in the year 2030 BC, who started pickling cucumbers. The best way to celebrate this day is by eating your favorite kind of pickle.

There are many varieties ranging from kosher, German, Polish, bread-and-butter, hot, sweet, unsalted and much more, as stated by Holidays Calendar.

Nov. 15- America Recycles Day

It is the day to celebrate recycling in the U.S. This day can be used to learn more about recycling, how to do it, why to do it and commit to recycling more often.

People can participate by posting on social media about how they recycle by using the hashtag #AmericaRecyclesDay.

Nov. 16- Fast Food Day

The best way to celebrate this holiday is to buy from your favorite fast food chain. Do not be ashamed—you will not be judged on this day.

People also celebrate this day by posting on social media about it using the hashtag #NationalFastFoodDay.

November 17- Take a Hike Day

The day to take a hike with your family, friends or alone if you are single. Find the nearest trail near you to celebrate this day.

Nov. 19- International Men’s Day

This day is used to promote issues affecting men around the world such as health issues, inequality, and relations between genders. Public seminars, panel discussions, lectures and art exhibitions are held to bring attention to the day.

Nov. 21- World Hello Day

This celebration is to emphasize the importance of communicating with others to preserve world peace, as stated on People are invited to greet at least 10 people on this day to start the celebration.

Nov. 21- World Television Day

It is a day to celebrate the good things television brings, such as vital information to the general public. It is also a day that governments, news organizations and individuals use to recommit to keeping TV media unbiased and combat “fake news” said Holidays Calendar.

Nov. 24- Buy Nothing Day

Held to promote against Black Friday. Individuals celebrate by not buying online, going to stores or simply not buying anything at all.

Nov. 26- Cake Day

The cake is a symbol of celebrations. To enjoy this day you can buy, eat, bake and share a cake.

Nov. 28- Giving Tuesday

This day is to celebrate giving and doing charitable acts around the world. To celebrate this holiday you can think of giving time, attention, help, food or whatever you want to the people around you.

You can also post on social media using the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

November 30- Computer Security Day

This holiday was created to raise awareness on computer security issues and inspire people to secure their personal information on their computer.

To celebrate this day check that you have high password protection by changing your password every few months, update antivirus software and backup your data.

These are a few of the holidays you can celebrate this month so be sure to mark your calendars.