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While many young adults today own merchandise of their favorite band or celebrity, others enjoy more historical memorabilia. Madison Babcock, a freshman and studying history education, finds joy in the latter.

Babcock owns George Washington’s quote book, which she reads regularly. A sticker of Washington adorns her laptop and his portrait ornaments her wall.

“I’m a jumbled mess of a bunch of different things,” said Babcock. “But I am passionate.”

She funneled her passion to studying the first president. Babcock watches documentaries, reads historical fiction and anything that will teach her more about Washington.

“I am a super fan of George Washington,” Babcock said with a laugh. “In another life, I would marry him.”

Babcock’s enthusiasm increased in 2016 when she made a goal to run for president of the United States of America. After sharing it with her family, she was met with a series of questions. Babcock’s cousin asked who her favorite president was; she said it was George Washington. “That’s a basic answer,” her cousin said.

“It is a basic answer but there’s a reason it’s basic,” Babcock said. “He was the father of our founding fathers.”

That conversation cemented Babcock’s belief in Washington’s superiority to other presidents. Her belief was rooted in the example he set of humility, temperance, and sound logic. She freely acknowledged his imperfections but believes the United States today could be improved by following his counsel.

“We’ve strayed away from his ideologies; he said we should avoid political parties,” Babcock said. “Now look at us here, we’re segregated into political parties, and no one can agree with each other.”

As her aspirations of becoming president of the United States have faded, Babcock plans to apply storytelling in her future profession of teaching students.

“There’s a lot of lessons we can learn from history,” Babcock said. “Whether it be economic mistakes or mistakes of how we’ve treated other people or countries. I just think that is so interesting.”


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