Most children’s first words are “mom” and “dad”, but one student’s first word was “light.”

This was the case for Nate Dursteler, a senior studying communication. He recalled when he was 2, his mother would hide all the spatulas in the house because he would use them to reach for every light switch. He would wake up in the middle of the night and turn on any light switch he could. He turned the lights on and off so many times, his parents had to replace many light bulbs.

Dursteler said the first thing he notes when walking into a room is the lighting and hopes to share his excitement for light with his new production, Twilight’s Last Gleaming, at the Nature Park in Rexburg.

After a trip to a light show at Shoshone Falls in May, Dursteler and his friend turned toward each other and said, “This could be so much better.”

A week later, they produced their first Monkey Rock light show.

“It turned out so incredible, and the reaction was astounding,” Dursteler said.

Due to multiple requests, Dursteler decided to create an even larger show.

Over one thousand individuals have expressed their interest in attending the event on Facebook, a number Dursteler felt overwhelmed with.

His experience in lighting is extensive. He has been involved in productions at BYU-Idaho, theater productions in the community and the 2017 Christmas light show for the City of Rexburg.

The end goal for Dursteler is to produce a light show in Logan, Utah, for an older gentleman whose dream is to see a local pond light up. He wants to surprise the man whose health is failing and have him say his childhood dream was fulfilled.

Producing such a large event is difficult logistically. It requires the coordination of buses, ticketing, ushers, setup and promotion.

Dursteler wanted to thank his friends Emily Nixon, Kacy Yachuw, Kyle Hamblin, Cody Lee and Joseph Hansen for all the support.

Twilight’s Last Gleaming will be held on July 6 to 7 with several showtimes. The event is free, and tickets can be obtained by visiting the event’s page on Facebook.