The Anderson Hicks Group released its fifth clue on Thursday for its summer treasure hunt that began on Aug. 4.

If you're sitting on a bench, you've NOT gone far enough but you've gone TOO far if your path gets tough.

Clue #5 Photo credit: Anderson Hicks Group

The clue was released by Pelios Acadamy on its Instagram. The Holistic Mental Health business said that this week’s clue is a bit bigger than previous clues, as it contains direct hints to where on the trail the treasure chest is located.

According to the company’s Instagram, they’ve donated over $1000 worth of mental health care to the hunt. The voucher is inside the hidden treasure chest. Pelios Acadamy is also promoting a coupon — 30% off an initial consultation — for treasure hunters. More details can be found on Instagram.

According to AHG, so far, nobody has gotten close to the treasure.

Last week, AHG said it will decrease the boundaries for the hunt if the treasure hasn’t been found by the end of this weekend (Sept. 8-10).