The Financial Aid Office in room 196 of the Spencer W. Kimball Building temporarily relocated on May 7 to room 100. Students can now go there regarding financial aid questions.

“We still offer the same full services,” said Joel Cook, the associate director of student relations for the Financial Aid Office.

He said currently, the office can help four students at once.

The remodeling will include removing the small cubicle walls, changing the main door into a double door and computers lining the interior walls.

The floor plan is changing, but the staff will remain the same.

“Everything will really be the same, except we’re taking out a section of computers and opening it up,” Cook said.

Cook said the goal of the upcoming changes is to “satisfy the need of our students by providing exceptional customer service with accurate and timely access to financial resources.”

The Financial Aid Office has changed through the years. In the Fall of 2017, the office began to allow one-on-one support with staff.

The office is responsible for helping students receive the aid available to them such as Federal Pell Grants, student loans and scholarships, which 60% of students benefit from, according to Forbes recent college cost list.

According to the National Association of College and University Business Officers, financial aid for private colleges and institutions is on the rise as more freshmen receive enough aid to cover 60% of tuition and fees.

According to the NACUBO recent tuition study, the years of 2017-2018 were the highest recorded of discount rates.

With financial aid on the rise, more students will need assistance. The remodeling is set to move forward with the department’s goals.

Before the remodeling, it became difficult to assist students said Kaitlin Buckway, a part-time financial aid counselor and junior studying psychology. Buckway hopes the office will be more efficient after the changes.

“I’m just excited for it,” Buckway said. “And I think it’ll be really awesome and a lot (of) students will like it.”

The office’s remodeling will be complete in around a month.