On Wednesday, Financial Services will be holding an open house to celebrate the relocation of its office to Kimball 250. The open house event will be held from 1-4 p.m. Financial Services is welcoming all who are interested to come by and look at the new office. Refreshments will be provided.

Universities have many things to make them what they are — from the buildings to the teachers and, of course, the students.

Unlike student aid, financial services are put together to help maintain the school and make sure the finances go where they need to. Financial services ensure that every student, teacher and faculty personnel working for the school receives the finances they need.

Recently, the financial office at BYU-Idaho has moved to an office of its own. The office is located in room 250 in the Spencer W. Kimball Student & Administration Services Building. They previously shared office space with another department in Kimball 290, but after coordinating with other groups they got an office of their own.

“My boss, Brett Cook, our universities resource vice president, brought me down, showed me the space, asked if it could work for us and it looked like it could. There was some remodeling done, and we have now been in this space for about a month now,” said Financial Services Managing Director Shane M. Webster.

Apart from paying everyone who works for the university, Financial Services is in charge of financial reporting, preparing the universities financial statements and are in charge of administrating the Workday program.

“In my position, I oversee these functions that are here in the office, financial aid, accounting, purchasing and travel,” Webster said.

Financial Services is typically open from 8-5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.