Finding a pathway to higher education


For younger students, a 50-year-old sophomore in college might sound odd. Although Pathway students may not be sitting in your actual college class, they are still continuing their college education online through the PathwayConnect program.

The PathwayConnect program is committed to helping students continue their education online. Students who don’t have the chance to finish their education have the opportunity to finish through BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

Jared Carrasco, BYU-Idaho alumnus, who worked for BYU-Pathway Worldwide as a support specialist, shares his experience of working for the program.

“Pathway is a good program for people who want to continue their education,” Carrasco said. “And one of my favorite things was helping people realize that they can accomplish what they thought they couldn’t.”

Carrasco had a variety of responsibilities when he worked for Pathway which included: helping students with homework problems, finding meetinghouses for students, etc.

“Pathway does a great job with training because they train us to help people on a very personal level,” Carrasco said. “I really enjoyed helping students find their hidden potential and seeing them overcome their doubts.”

One of the main reasons why PathwayConnect works for so many students is the online factor, which can make it more convenient for wide audience.

“I’m really enjoying it,” said Lavinia Ma’ake, a sophomore studying human resources management and a previous PathwayConnect student. “Considering it’s been a few years since I’ve been back to school, it’s the best way to ease my way back in. Also, it’s convenient time-wise because I work full time.”

She said patience is sometimes required to work with different students and their diverse backgrounds.

“Accessing the lesson modules online can be a pain,” Ma’ake said. “I have my own personal opinions on what can be more suitable for my learning, but the Pathway program is structured to meet a general audience of various ages.”

For some, education can be viewed as a key investment in their future career and life goals; PathwayConnect can help them receive an affordable education. The program in partnership with BYU-I offers nearly 40 online certificates and degrees.

From a certificate in system administration to a bachelor’s degree in marriage and family studies, BYU-Pathway Worldwide has many options for students to choose from that will help them reach their goals.

Once students select a degree, they can start making their classes to fit their schedule and get back on track. For more information visit BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s website. 

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