Collin Willes, a sophomore studying business management, found a passion that doubles as exercise.

Willes developed his interest in road biking at a young age. His father would take him on bicycle trips to his grandparents’ house in a neighboring city. Despite Willes much slower pace, his father encouraged him as they rode. This propelled Willes’s interest in the sport as he developed his skills.

Willes’s focus on road biking increased as he started training for triathlons. He enjoyed the challenge and physical demand of training for and participating in triathlons. This motivated him to dedicate countless hours to biking. Beyond the satisfaction of completing a triathlon, Willes enjoys the simple pleasure — and pains –of participating in the activity.

Collin Willes standing over his mountain bike. His father introduced cycling to him at a young age.

“It’s a good pain,” said Willes. “When you start going super far your body starts to hurt, but it feels good. Being on a bike feels good. That’s my favorite part, just the feeling.”

Willes grew up in Southern California near mountains with paved roads, resulting in a variety of hills and descents for road biking. Moving to Rexburg flattened out his options, but did not deter him from one of his favorite activities. As long as he can access a road, he will bike on it.

“I enjoy how far you can go,” Willes said. “You can go 20 miles in an hour just exploring. You have your own time just to think and ponder. It’s good for me-time.”

There are many forms of biking beyond mountains and roads. From gravel to electric, the number of possibilities creates enough options for almost anyone to find a way of biking they like.

“There’s some sort of biking that everyone could enjoy; they just have to find it,” Willes said. “If you find the right style of biking, definitely everyone can enjoy it.”

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