On Saturday, June 16, Rexburg saw some of America’s mightiest historical warplanes in action, performing feats in the air. They saw pyrotechnics simulating machine gun fire and the dropping of a torpedo. The crowd watched it all for free and learned the history of each plane.

Air Show_JS_10.JPG

Air Show


The event featured famous wartime planes such as Ol’ Yeller and the Mormon Mustang — combat planes designed to escort American bombers to Berlin. To show off their firepower, the pyrotechnics simulated machine guns shooting the golf course below, sending up a spotted trail of dust.

Air Show_JS_16.JPG

The Mormon Mustang


While many in the crowd were astonished by the performances, people in WWII uniforms asked for donations. One of them, Elayna Lofgran, a freshman majoring in psychology at BYU-Idaho, told us the money was “to keep the war birds flying.”

“It’s definitely mind-blowing to see some of these war birds up flying still,” Lofgran said.

Lofgran’s grandfather, John Bagley, runs the show. He was up flying with the other pilots, honoring the history of the U.S. Air Force.

Air Show_JS_28.JPG

P-51 Mustangs


The audience was also treated to a stunt performance by Buck Roetman and Brad Wurston, flying show planes.

loopdeloop plane.PNG

Wurston performed many aerial maneuvers and even gave the crowd a giant thumbs-up from the sky.


The air show is put on biannually. The crowd was full of families there to see the planes and support the museum.

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Air Show

When asked if she would want to be a pilot someday, Lofgran responded with a bright smile, “I would truly like to.”