The Wellness Center hosted the Fit4Life closing party on Thursday.

The party included roller skating and Jimmy John’s sandwiches. In addition to the roller skating, there was also a DJ helping set the mood with some tunes.

The event was held in the Hyrum Manwaring Center ballrooms and was free for all Fit4Life clients.

“This is a way to celebrate the end of the semester and all the hard work our clients put in this semester,” said Ben Sebra, director at the Wellness Center and a senior studying exercise physiology.

DJ at the Fit4Life Closing Party

DJ at the Fit4Life Closing Party Photo credit: Dylan Dueker

Attendees were also given a free water bottle and T-shirt, along with a few smaller giveaways left over throughout the semester.

“We’re celebrating our Fit4Life students and their success this semester,” said Haylee Fish, Fit4Life coordinator and a senior studying exercise physiology. “Free food and free fun? Sounds like a college kid dream come true.”

Students were also offered an opportunity to sign up for the spring semester’s Fit4Life program.

Fit4Life is a program that offers students the chance to hire a wellness coach and fitness trainer for the semester for $25. The program focuses on every area of health, including increased confidence, nutrition habits, emotional wellness, social well-being and more.

Fit4Life Closing Party

Fit4Life Closing Party Photo credit: Dylan Dueker

They offer assistance for personal fitness areas as well, including strength training, powerlifting, hypertrophy, functional fitness and other focal points.

Students interested in signing up for Fit4Life during the spring semester can find more information on its website.