Twelve two-person teams, representing Fit4Life, gathered in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center on Friday to host their opening social and help potential clients sign up for training sessions.

Each team consists of one wellness coach and one fitness trainer. Participants had the opportunity to go table-to-table and meet the teams and choose which one they would like to work with for the remainder of the semester.

“There are two criteria to look at,” said Ben Sebra, director at the Wellness Center and a senior studying exercise physiology. “What fits their schedule and what fits their goals.”

Each individual team had different areas of focus to help their clients reach a variety of different goals. The wellness coaches offered support in areas including increased confidence, nutrition habits, emotional wellness, social well-being and more.

The fitness trainers offered assistance in areas such as strength training, powerlifting, hypertrophy, functional fitness and other focal points. The cost to hire one of these tandems is $25 a semester.

“My niche is gaining muscle, but I also like to focus on strength and recovery,” said Kyle Samojla, the fitness trainer on team nine and a junior studying exercise physiology. “Our motto is ‘hustle for the muscle.’ We all get a little bit of anxiety about being uncomfortable, but once we get past that first or second week, we’re going to have more confidence in our own abilities”

As previously mentioned, the focus of Fit4Life isn’t solely on physical fitness and well-being, it also prioritizes mental health.

“We offer lessons on all areas of wellness,” said Cheyenne Johnson, the wellness coach on team one and a senior studying recreation management. “I really like to work on people’s body image and their self-confidence. I believe what we tell ourselves has a huge impact on how we interact with others and how our body looks. Those positive affirmations can completely change our lives.”

The goal of the event was to help the participants register for Fit4Life, pick a training team and set up Trainerize.

Everyone who showed up was offered free items including hand sanitizer, ChapStick, sticky notes, pens and a bag. Those who signed up got a free, BYU-Idaho gym-approved T-shirt with a custom sleeve branded “Fit4Life.”

Those who missed the event and are interested in signing up can register online here.