Fitness Kickoff is a free event hosted by campus recreation at the beginning of every semester.

This winter 2023 Kickoff event featured a New Year’s theme complete with decorations. The instructors emphasized New Year’s fitness goals as part of the theme.

The Fitness Kickoff provided students the opportunity to be introduced to the variety of free fitness classes offered on campus.

The event offered participants a chance to get to know some of the instructors. Each instructor had the opportunity to lead two separate workouts for the length of one song.

The gym inside the John W. Hart building was decorated with balloons and lights to help create the theme. Students were also offered free glow bracelets and water as they stepped onto the floor.

“The Fitness Kickoff is one of my favorite events of the semester because it’s basically a big fitness party,” said Rachel Stratford, the events coordinator for the department of campus recreation. “It’s an opportunity for the students to come and get a preview of what our instructors teach in their different classes.”

Some of the fitness styles presented included step, surge, HIIT, kickboxing, Zumba and high fitness.

“It can be intimidating for someone who’s never tried one before and doesn’t know what to expect, but these classes are some of the most welcoming places on campus,” Stratford said. “There’s no required level of fitness ability. We have beginners and long-term attendees at each class, and the instructors often show modified versions of the more challenging exercises for anyone who isn’t quite at that level yet. I can tell you that their priority is helping students have positive experiences and leave feeling better than they came.”

In addition to the workouts, instructors and advisors assisted participants in signing up for the weekly fitness classes.

“Our goal is to introduce students to the instructors, so they can see their styles and their personalities,” said Lisa Robison, the activities advisor for the department of campus recreation. “We hope to help them understand how to register and know that we can help them reach their resolutions, whether it be social, physical or spiritual. We can incorporate all of those avenues in a fitness class.”

Students can sign up for fitness classes on I-Belong.